"Happy Days Are Here Again"
1939. Its 3 days after war is declared on England. Out in the Atlantic, the new superliner Goliath steams towards America with 1,860 passengers aboard. Suddenly a U-boat torpedo hits her port side. The ship sinks quickly with all hands presumed lost.
1981. Onboard a research ship, led by scientist Peter Cabot (Mark Harmon), the sonar picks up something very large below. The divers descend and find it to be the long lost Goliath. As Cabot swims along the side he starts to hear tapping coming from inside, accompanied by music. Just when it couldn't get weirder, a port hole opens and a beautiful young girl peers out!
Admiral Wiley Sloan (Eddie Albert) doesn't buy Cabot's story, but sets up a joint British/American expedition to the ship in hopes of finding and destroying top secret papers on its way to President Roosevelt.
When the team goes in through the torpedo hole they see light above! Upon breaching the surface, they discover that 337 survivors and descendents have lived for over 40 years in an air bubble utopian existence!
The group is ruled by the mysterious Mr McKenzie, who may have other plans when the outsiders tell them the plan to rescue them from Goliath.
Filmed all over the Queen Mary in Long Beach, California and utilizing footage from
"Gentleman Prefer Blondes"& "The Last Voyage" this movie was shown in 2 parts as part of ABC's Operation Prime Time on November 16 &17th, 1981. The movie has been released on VHS and Laserdisc in a shabby 110 minute version, as opposed to its original 3 hour running time.
This movie is a must for ocean liner enthusiasts, and action movie lovers! Try to find the original version.
Photos: Columbia Pictures