Journey to the Center of the Earth
A fantastic telling of Jules Vernes 1864 sci-fi classic. There were a few changes, but the movie stayed true to the idea. In 1880 Edinburgh, Scotland, Professor Oliver Lindenbrook (James Mason) receives a volcanic rock from student Alec McEwen. Oliver soon discovers a tool hidden inside the rock belonging to a famous ancient explorer, Arne Saknussem who disappeared trying to reach the center of the earth. Picking up where the famous explorer left off, Oliver and Alec head for Iceland where they believe a path begins. Joining them are Hans, a Nordic hunk, and Carla Goetaborg, the widow of a murdered fellow scientist. During the course of their journey there are great floods, giant lizards, howling winds, earthquakes, exploding volcanoes and a crazy relative of Arne Saknussem. Filming took place at Edinburgh, Scotland, Stromboli, Italy and at the Carlsbad Caverns in New Mexico, which heightens the reality, but the stage settings are just as impressive. The movie features Oscar nominated effects and a great score by Bernard Herrmann.The film was released December 16th, 1959. Nominated for 3 Oscars.
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