Photos: Warner Bros
When Oceanic Airlines Flight # 343 is hijacked by Arabs soon after takeoff, the US Government decides to secretly deploy a crack team of Army Commandos in a midair transfer to take back the plane. Some believe that the plane should be allowed to land in Washington D.C., but one man feels that the plane is actually  being used as a chemical weapon to destroy Washington. The obvious parallels to 9/11 are  disturbing! Steven Seagal was nominated for a "Razzie' for worst actor of the year for his small role in this film. Halle Berry and Kurt Russell fair much better. Released March 15th, 1996.  
The cockpit prop is now in the Goleta Air and Space Museum, in the Mojave. The "Oceanic Airlines" company used in the movie is also the same airline used in the ABC series "Lost"